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Specification 2 44-Key Manuals 13 Pedals 67 Voices Panoramic Sound Super Syntha Solo Preset Percussion Sustain, Perc. Attack Instant Orchestra with Orchestra riff

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Fantasia for Organ Organ Solo

  • Rostislaw Wygranienko, concert organist Adam z Wągrowca (Adam of Wągrowiec), Piotr Żelechowski, Petrus de Drusina - Complete Organ Works (Acte Préalable AP0165)
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  • John Jeffreys: Organ Music - Download | SOMM Recordings Michel Bourcier a gifted French artist, is Professor of Organ at Rennes Conservatoire. The Cavaillé-Coll Organ used for this recording has three manual keyboards.
  • Simon Preston (Conductor, Organ, Harpsichord) - Short. Simon Preston (Conductor, Organ, Harpsichord) Born: August 4, 1938 - Bournemouth, England: During a singularly distinguished career, Simon Preston has established.
  • Classical Artists Worldwide - Jennifer Bate, Organ Jennifer Bate (Organ) home page on Classical Artists Worldwide
  • Franz Danksagmüller - organist | composer | live. Franz Danksagmüller zählt als Komponist und Organist durch seine innovativen Projekte, außergewöhnlichen Orgelimprovisationen und seine Live-Elektronik.
  • Fantasia (music) - Wikipedia History. The term was first applied to music during the 16th century, at first to refer to the imaginative musical 'idea' rather than to a particular compositional genre.
  • Index/Catalogue of Recordings - Hyperion Records Welcome to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the.
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