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Cultural origins: Early 1990s, Pacific Northwest and Washington, US: Typical instruments

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Girls to the Front True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus punk

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  • DONT NEED YOU: HERSTORY OF RIOT GRRRL - amazon.com Don't Need You is a documentary film that tells the story of the origins of the Riot Grrrl movement in the American independent music scene of the 1990's, and how.
  • www5.cty-net.ne.jp [1277974] kwjWXajbWjnQta 投稿者:Archie 投稿日:2008/10/13(Mon) 08:38 More or less not much going on worth mentioning. Pretty much nothing seems worth.
  • Tobi Vail - Wikipedia Tobi Vail; Birth name: Tobi Celeste Vail: Born (1969-07-20) 20 July 1969 (age 49) Auburn, Washington, United States: Genres: riot grrrl, grunge, punk rock, indie rock
  • The Riot Grrrl Collection: Lisa Darms, Kathleen Hanna. “Riot grrrl is the gateway drug that girls use to find feminist history. I love love love this book—a snapshot of what riot grrrl was and could be.”—
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